Bioresonance setting make you see a firework of colors

Thanks to the experiments of Spencer in Thailand we have yet another very interesting way for the Bioresonance LaesEr application.

With the left knob you adjust the main amplification, set it such that the top orange LED does not come on – mostly for this you will have to set the

1. Amplification switch to 1

2. The upper switch to the Therapy mode

3. Select Inversion

4. plug in a headphone or loudspeaker in the monitor output

5. plugin one foot-electrode into body-signal and the other in REF

6. plugin a feedback pad or hand electrode in Ch2 of the Health Integrator

7. set the middle knob in the 50/50 position

8. put the feet on the foot-electrodes and hold the feedback electrode maybe on the belly or hold it in the hand

9. plugin the LED glasses and put them on the table

NOW turn the right knob up from the zero position and you will first hear a very shrill sound and get an electric shock that feels strong

but is not dangerous or higher than 14 V, you will see the LED wildly flicker – you are now tuned into the higher harmonics of the bodysignal

if you turn the amplification even higher this will stop and you will then see and feel your heartbeat frequency and if you turn even higher you will

feel the usual signal that feels comparatively very much calming this is your bodies base signal

Put the LED glasses on and change the amplification that you are in higher harmonics range – now you can unplug the loudspeaker and instead put on some nice music. If you then slightly change the amplification you will find points where your vision turns into a firework of colors that is just amazing and this while your eyelids are closed, when you relax your eyelids but keep them closed you will see how this changes the pattern and colors its fantastic, particularly together with music

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Many people have claimed having made the biofield visible – starting from Kirlian photography GDV and Poly-contrast Interference Photography PIP to AURA photography that works with a computerized software that creates a colorful assortment of blotches around anything that you put in front of the camera.

The most outrageous claims were made recently by H.M. and P.F. who have come out with a book the “The human body field decoded” and yet another software that creates evaluation results based on a random number generator. They have found many that believed their phantasm and buy the NES Nutrienergetic System that is said to have a direct connection to the Human Body Field HBF and is able to decode it. Countless websites copy this nonsense without a single doubt in the hope to find more people that are desperate to get a physical proof that the biofield does exist.

Use a coin, bicycle, cabbage in a GDV, PIP or aura photography setup and it will give you a nice aura photo – NES will not even know that it is a coin or bicycle and will tell you all about its “Human Body Field” its 16 energetic drivers, 12 energetic integrators, 16 energetic terrains and 15 energetic stars and some more phantasm  that they have concocted.

This kind of Pseudo science or pure fraud has to stop to get energetic and informational Medicine out of its shadow existence. Too many people use the technology and “scientific talk” dependence of people to sell empty philosophies and devices.

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